National Tree 9 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree (DUH-90)

National Tree 9 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree (DUH-90)

National Tree 9 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree (DUH-90)

National Tree 9 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree (DUH-90)

Looking for the perfect Christmas tree to brighten up your holiday season? Look no further than the National Tree 9 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree (DUH-90). As a leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands, National Tree Company is known for its high-quality products and attention to detail.

Key Features

Measuring 9 feet tall with a 66-inch diameter, this Dunhill Fir Tree is the perfect size to make a statement in any room. Its all-metal hinged construction ensures durability, with branches securely attached to center pole sections. Setting up the tree is a breeze, thanks to its four-section design. Simply assemble the sections and watch as the tree takes shape before your eyes.

Sturdy and Convenient

The National Tree 9 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree comes with a sturdy folding metal tree stand, providing stability and support. No need to worry about the tree toppling over or leaning to one side. The stand ensures that your tree remains upright throughout the holiday season. After the festivities are over, the tree can be easily disassembled and packed away in the reusable storage carton, keeping it safe and protected until next year.

Endless Decorating Possibilities

With its lush green branches and realistic appearance, the Dunhill Fir Tree serves as the perfect canvas for your holiday decorations. Hang your favorite ornaments, string colorful lights, and drape garlands to create a festive and magical atmosphere. The tree’s full shape and ample space between branches allow for easy decorating, ensuring that every ornament finds its perfect spot.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q: How long does it take to set up the National Tree 9 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree?
  2. A: The tree can be set up in just a few minutes. Simply follow the instructions provided and enjoy your beautifully decorated tree.

  3. Q: Can the tree be used outdoors?
  4. A: The Dunhill Fir Tree is designed for indoor use only. Exposing it to outdoor elements may cause damage to the tree.

  5. Q: Is the tree fire-resistant?
  6. A: Yes, the National Tree 9 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree is fire-resistant, providing an added level of safety and peace of mind.


Bring the beauty of nature into your home this holiday season with the National Tree 9 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree. With its realistic appearance, easy setup, and sturdy construction, this artificial Christmas tree is the perfect centerpiece for your festive celebrations. Create lasting memories as you gather around the tree with loved ones, and let the magic of the season come alive.