BLANCO 523121 Candor-S Single-lever Mixer Tap

BLANCO 523121 Candor-S Single-lever Mixer Tap

BLANCO 523121 Candor-S, Single-lever Mixer Tap

BLANCO 523121 Candor-S, Single-lever Mixer Tap


The BLANCO 523121 Candor-S is a top-of-the-line single-lever mixer tap designed for the modern kitchen. With its sleek design and innovative features, this tap is a perfect addition to any contemporary kitchen space.

Main Features

  • High-pressure performance
  • Pull-out spray hose
  • Solid brushed stainless steel construction
  • Easy to use single-lever control
  • Stylish and modern design

High-Pressure Performance

The BLANCO 523121 Candor-S is specifically designed to work with high-pressure water systems, ensuring a powerful and consistent flow of water. Whether you’re filling up a pot or rinsing off dishes, this tap delivers exceptional performance every time.

Pull-out Spray Hose

One of the standout features of the Candor-S is its pull-out spray hose. This convenient feature allows you to easily reach every corner of your sink, making cleaning and rinsing a breeze. The hose retracts smoothly and securely, ensuring long-lasting functionality.

Solid Brushed Stainless Steel Construction

The tap is made from solid brushed stainless steel, giving it a durable and stylish finish. Not only does this material resist corrosion and tarnishing, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Easy to Use Single-Lever Control

The single-lever control of the Candor-S makes it incredibly easy to adjust the water temperature and flow. With just a simple movement of the lever, you can achieve the perfect balance for your needs. The smooth operation of the lever ensures effortless control every time.

Stylish and Modern Design

The BLANCO 523121 Candor-S features a sleek and modern design that complements any kitchen decor. Its clean lines and brushed stainless steel finish make it a focal point in your kitchen, adding a touch of sophistication to the space.


If you’re looking for a high-quality and stylish mixer tap for your kitchen, the BLANCO 523121 Candor-S is an excellent choice. With its high-pressure performance, pull-out spray hose, solid brushed stainless steel construction, and easy-to-use single-lever control, this tap offers both functionality and elegance. Upgrade your kitchen with the Candor-S and enjoy the convenience and beauty it brings.